Brewed in Edinburgh Caledonian Brewery has been part of Edinburgh's life for a long time. Well over 140 years, in fact. Time enough for both of us to develop an appreciation of each other's special character.

Our values are based on Edinburgh’s strong character, the inventiveness, judgement and artistry of our brewers, and the pure quality of our beers. In time-honoured fashion we continue to use natural whole leaf hops and use open-fired brewing coppers, which are the last remaining of their kind in the UK.

As the city’s only original brewery, we honour the past, relish the future and celebrate the present, sponsoring the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Caledonian Pipe Band. As the author Ian Rankin and his Inspector Rebus both appreciate, Caledonian beer is a brand in tune with Edinburgh culture.

“I’ve tasted a multitude of beers and lagers in over a dozen countries but nothing quite matches Deuchars. When I’m away on tour with my books it’s one of the things I miss the most.”

Ian Rankin, author

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Shakey’s Blog

Our Operations Manager – Craig Steven, universally known as Shakey likes to think he knows a thing or two about beer. In addition to his numerous activities (although no one can really work out what he does!) he is a Certified Beer Sommelier, so please give him the benefit of your doubt and indulge him as he shares his personal view of the wonderful world of beer from his own wee window in the Caley.

Beer of the month

First Dawn pump clip

March - May First Dawn

ABV 3.7%

We are using three American hops famed for their zesty citric and piney qualities. Citra for lime citric qualities, Chinooks adds grapefruit and Summit for more grapefruit & orange.

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