Brewed in Edinburgh Caledonian Brewery has been part of Edinburgh's life for a long time. Well over 140 years, in fact. Time enough for both of us to develop an appreciation of each other's special character.

Our values are based on Edinburgh’s strong character, the inventiveness, judgement and artistry of our brewers, and the pure quality of our beers. In time-honoured fashion we continue to use natural whole leaf hops and use open-fired brewing coppers, which are the last remaining of their kind in the UK.

As the city’s only original brewery, we honour the past, relish the future and celebrate the present, sponsoring the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Caledonian Pipe Band. As the author Ian Rankin and his Inspector Rebus both appreciate, Caledonian beer is a brand in tune with Edinburgh culture.

Brewery chat

Caledonian Beer @caledonianbeer

“We currently showcase two permanent Caledonian ales, Deuchars IPA and Edinburgh Castle ,with one weekly rotating ‘seasonal’ guest ale. With their support we are not only given the tools but also shown how to use them by one of the most respected and passionate brewers in the industry to date. We very much look forward to continuing our relationship with the Caledonian family.”

Ross Evans - The Ship Tavern, Holborn

“Deuchars IPA is an outstanding IPA style beer and is really popular. It has been on permanent sale in my pub for the last 3 years & its sales have grown steadily. The beer reflects and supports our quality food offer. We have a real laugh with the customers over the many different pronunciations at the bar.”

Justin Cooper – Four Horseshoes Chobham

“I have always been a huge supporter of the Caledonian Brewery and Deuchars, this is personally my favourite pint. At the Doric, Deuchars is our best seller in cask and in the past 18 months we’ve seen a further increase in sales and I believe this is due to the reinvigorated and re-energised brewing and commercial team at the brewery. They have listened to their customers and in turn improved their brewing process; dedicated to using full hop leaves, they have further invested to have their hops vacuum/fresh packed in order to retain that distinctive citrus taste of Deuchars – this brings the pint really to life, making every one we pour a 10 out of 10”

Boyd, The Doric Bar, Edinburgh

Beer of the month

Road to Rio pump clip

July-August Road to Rio

ABV 4%

No contest here, it’s taking part that counts and winning gold is assured. Solid gold beer with citric soft fruit aroma and flavour followed by lemon and soft malt finish.

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