Caledonian 80/- ABV 4.1%

Since the 1880s beer brewed in Scotland had been categorised by the shilling wholesale price per hogshead, a barrel of 54 gallons. 80/- shilling beers were beers of the highest quality brewed for the markets of North East England and export. 80/- shilling or Export is comparable to the category of Best Bitters in England. The shilling system is recognised as one of Scotland's contributions to the overall history of brewing. 40/- ale was a very light beer often supplied to farmhands. 50/- and 60/- beers were also reasonably light and mild. 70/-, 80/- and 90/- were progressively stronger, export-quality beers. The shilling system continued to be used to indicate the beers’ quality and was legally recognised in 1914.