Golden XPA


There’s no need to jet off in search of new adventures this summer. The enticing aromas, light bitterness, and malty moreish flavour of this brew will take your palate to new horizons.

‘X’ marks the spot.

This style has really come to the fore in recent years within the booming category of Golden Ale. This ale is light to golden in colour, with a medium bitterness beautifully balanced by a biscuit-like sweetness.


With the floral aromas of Cascade hops and Hallertau Hersbrucker hops adding soft fruit notes, this is a pale ale opportunity not to pass up. Northdown hops provide a light bitterness while the malted wheat creates a refreshingly silky finish.


A light and malty finish that goes extremely well with delicate flavours. It is an excellent accompaniment to salads, seafood and lightly spiced dishes.

Malt: Pale Malt and Malted Wheat

Hops: Northdown, Hallertau Hersbrucker, Cascade