Rare Red


Inspired by the brewing heartlands of Bavaria this long forgotten beer style has been reinvigorated in our pilot brewery. Balancing three types of roasted rye with a mysterious hoppy finish, the result is a ruby red gem of an ale.

A Rare treat for drinkers.

Delicately hopped and beautifully balanced, this beer has taken us on a remarkable journey of taste exploration. It took only three months to go from ‘Wee George’, our pilot brewery, to being on sale. You can enjoy at your leisure.


The combination of Rye grains produces a dry spicy finish. Chinook hops with their pine and citrus fruit flavours combine with the dark fruit elements from the rare Bullion hop. While spicy blackcurrant notes make this regular red ale anything but.


With a beer as complex as Rare Red, it’s best to keep things sweet and simple. The caramel and earthy notes of the beer effortlessly allow chocolate and dark fruits to match the malty spiciness of the beer.