Three Hop


Inspired by the famous brewing regions of Europe, we’ve married hops from Germany, France and Czechia with our East Coast Maritime malt. The result. A deliciously distinctive beer as memorable as the city it hails from.

A Holy Trinity of Hops

The Hallertau Hersbrucker hops bring floral and fruity flavours all the way from Bavaria. Spicy Saaz hops have long been at the heart of beers from Bohemia. And the Strisselspalt from Alsace completes our trio with hints of honey and mint.


Solid gold in colour with spicy, herbal aromas, and a light malt body that is complemented by the honey and mint flavours. These earthy notes are accentuated by Three Hop’s lingering lemon finish.


This beer is a great accompaniment for most seafood. The light and refreshing palate won’t overpower the fish. Its delicate aromas and citrus finish match up to any classic seafood combinations.