Deuchars IPA ABV 3.8%

What can we say about Deuchars IPA that hasn’t already been said? So we’ve left it to Ian Rankin to do it for us. He and Inspector Rebus are serious fans of Deuchars, especially when either of them has a chance to drop into the Oxford Bar on Young Street in Edinburgh:

“I’ve tasted a multitude of beers and lagers in over a dozen countries but nothing quite matches Deuchars. When I’m away on tour with my books it’s one of the things I miss the most.”
Deuchars IPA pump and pint

Winner of over 40 awards, including CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain and World Champion Cask Ale.

“An extremely tasty and refreshing pale golden session beer. Hops and fruit are evident and are gently balanced by malt. The lingering aftertaste is delightfully bitter and hoppy. Deuchars IPA is a fabulous beer. A brilliant blend of malt and hop character and above all a drink with enormous drinkability.”

Roger Protz, The Good Beer Guide, CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale)

Tasting notes

Distinctively radiant, deliciously refreshing, Deuchars is a fabulous balance of malt and hops. Discerning beer drinkers consider this to be the benchmark in quality cask beer and for those new to cask, it's the perfect introduction.

Food match

The obvious choice for this hoppy refreshing bitter is spicy food, such as a curry. However, it is also an excellent accompaniment to 
cheese, meat and shellfish.

Deuchars IPA at home

Deuchars is available in 500ml bottles and four-packs of 500ml cans. You can pop out and buy some (click here for stockists).

Which is better, the bottle or
the can?

Cans are lightweight and strong – just what you need when you are out at a picnic or visiting friends. They also chill more quickly in the fridge.

But on the other hand there's something rather satisfying (and a little self indulgent) about opening a bottle, pouring out some of the beer and topping up your glass from time to time.

You decide

Which do you think is best – Deuchars in cans or Deuchars in bottles? Vote here – we will announce the results at the end of May.

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