Adventure starts here

What’s life for if not for living? And what’s beer for if not for drinking?
At Caledonian Brewery, everything we brew leads to new tastes, experiences and stories.
So saddle up, the adventure starts here.

Let’s drink to tradition

When it comes to tradition, Deuchars, Edinburgh Castle and The Flying Scotsman
have it in spades. These three undisputed classics broke the mould.
If ever you wish to know why some traditions endure, take a sip.


ABV 3.8%

Edinburgh Castle

ABV 4.1%

Join the modern movement

Crafted to perfection, Three Hop, Coast to Coast and Rare Red will
take you on a taste adventure. Modern to the core, this
trio will be hard to follow, but deeply rewarding to swallow.

Coast to Coast

ABV 4.6%

Rare Red

ABV 4.3%

Three Hop

ABV 4.5%

The beers of the moment.

Auld Lang Syne, Over the Bar, Kick Off, Road to Rio, Trick
or Treat and Elf Yourself are our occasional beers for the
year. They promise adventure on every occasion.

Road to Rio

ABV 4.0%

Trick or Treat

ABV 4.5%

Elf Yourself

ABV 4.0%

Auld Lang Syne

ABV 4.5%

Over the Bar

ABV 4.2%

Kick Off

ABV 4.1%

Compliments of the season

As the brewers of adventure we recommend a truly adventurous quartet;
First Dawn, Golden XPA, Autumn Red and Cold Comfort.
Why not get our inside knowledge inside a glass?

First Dawn

ABV 3.7%

Golden XPA

ABV 4.3%

Autumn Red

ABV 4.4%

Cold Comfort

ABV 4.5%